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 Nadia - Moses & Crystal  

"Sue has been working with my horses for a number of years with Equine Touch. Both horses work quite hard and both absolutely love having their sessions from their Auntie Sue! Sue is caring and compassionate and takes Moses being a grumpy old man and Crystal over enthusiasm completely in her stride! Equine Touch has helped keep my horses in action over the years and assists with keeping them sound and happy. I can highly recommend Sue to assist your equines like she has mine"


Jess & Misty  

"Sue has been working with me and my 15.1 Connemara, Misty, for over 4 years now. Misty is now entering his slightly older years but thanks to Sue, is still feeling and looking great both at home and in the competition ring.

With her calm attitude and knowledgeable advice she has helped both Misty and myself through good times, such as many unaffiliated competitions, championships and wins! As well as being there for us through the bad times too, such as lameness and injuries.

Sue, without a doubt is Misty's favourite visitor as whenever she comes out, she leaves him feeling refreshed, happier and a lot looser when being worked. We often receive comments about how good he is looking, which 9 times out of 10, is after an Equine Touch session! I couldn't recommend Sue and her Equine Touch skills enough!"


Nikki & Tiff 

"Tiff is a 6 yr old ISH. Sue has been working with her for a couple of years now. She has had tightness through her hamstrings and poll and always feels looser after a treatment. I have also asked Sue’s advice regarding hormonal and colic issues and she has given me helpful information I have used alongside that from my vet."


Erika & Booty 

"Sue has been coming to me for 3 years now. Booty has always responded positively to the whole process of Equine Touch, relaxing deeply & where there have been issues of tension, Sue has managed to work on him successfully. After each session Booty has always felt freer in his body with increased relaxation with good energy. I cannot recommend Sue & Equine Touch highly enough for a highly skilled, therapeutic, professional & holistic treatment for horses and riders alike."


Nikki & Largo 

"Largo is a 5 yr old ISH who lost his left eye in an accident as a foal. He is also huge! I asked Sue to work on him initially as he needed a small operation and I thought it would be useful to aid the healing process and help with any residual trauma. Sue was also able to suggest Bach remedies to support with his anxiety. Initially he was very tight through the right side due to him compensating for the lack of sight on the left but now he is much more even."

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