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The Canine Touch™

The Canine Touch™ on a practical level, is a comprehensive technique that has the ability to affect the whole animal: Its body and mind, as these two cannot be separated.

Optimising the function of soft tissue, balancing the nervous system and positively affecting the body energetically can 'open the door' for the natural healing (physical and emotional) to work its potential.

An extremely important part of the Canine Touch, and one of its primary goals is relaxation of the animal.

Relaxation is a true prerequisite for healing, as it decreases stress and triggers the release of many important substances and hormones important to the body's healing process. In this state, the body can maximally utilise its inborn ability to heal and cure itself, returning to a healthy and functional state.

The technique also targets the soft tissue of the dog's body, a system that is often the source of the problems and pain that negatively affect the animal's whole being (physical activity, behaviour and emotion) The moves, gently performed over fascia, muscles, tendons and ligaments, can bring about positive structural and functional changes within soft tissue.

Individual parts of the move, applied in synergy, can help to release the tight muscles, improve the blood and lymphatic circulation, allow neuro-muscular re-education and increase awareness of the nervous system.

Just a few benefits of The Canine Touch:

  • Helps to reinstate normal joint, muscle and nerve function

  • Releases hypertonic muscles and tight muscles

  • Aids recovery and reduces compensation following injury or surgery

  • Induces deep relaxation and reduces the pain spiral.

  • Improves movement and athletic ability 

  • Improves blood and lymphatic circulation 

  • Reduces emotional stress and its effects on the body and the behaviour of the dog.

  • Balancing the nervous system and improving the immune system.

Canine Touch is suitable for every dog, young or old. It can be used for the family pet, the working dog or the competitive agility dog. 

As with other non-invasive, hands on modalities, the Canine Touch is a PLUS in maintaining good health in the animal. It is not a cure for any disease and is not a replacement for allopathic (veterinary) medicine. One may look at Canine Touch as a discipline that, while standing on its own as being beneficial to the dog, is also complementary to and supportive of any activity or therapy that promotes good health and an active life with better quality for our animals.


Whilst we would never say that Canine Touch is a diagnostic discipline it does allow for information feedback and can afford you the luxury of determining the need to call a vet before a problem becomes major or visible.
The Canine Touch is not designed or intended in any way in whole or part to be a substitute for orthodox allopathic veterinary practice. 
If in doubt, contact your vet

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