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A VHT Session

If you are undergoing any treatment from your GP or Medical

Consultant for a particular condition you may need to confirm that

they are happy for you to undergo VHT. 

A VHT couch session normally takes about an hour which includes a

brief health and lifestyle questionnaire.

Certain VHT procedures do have contraindications and this is the

reason for the questionnaire. 

You are best to wear loose fitting clothing and keep jewellery to a


VHT is performed over loose clothing with the client lying in a prone position initially on the couch.

You are advised not to have a heavy meal prior to the session as this will result in discomfort from lying on your stomach - a light meal or snack 30 minutes to an hour prior to the session is advised if your session is taking place after lunch or dinner.

Upon completion of the session clients often report feeling drowsy or quite tired - one of the reasons why I prefer to carry out sessions on an afternoon or evening. It is advisable not to drive until you are feeling a bit more awake.

You may also feel a drop in body temperature so best to keep a cardigan or jacket close by. 

To ensure that you gain the maximum benefit from the session it is recommended that you :

  • Increase the amount of water you drink over the next few days

  • Reduce your caffeine intake (coffee, tea, sweet sugary drinks)

  • Avoid alcohol for 24 hours

  • Try to cut down on smoking

  • Try and make time to relax

Occasionally you may experience reactions when the body begins it’s self healing process and elimination of toxins. These reactions may include:

  • Frequent visits to the toilet

  • Runny nose and/ or flu like symptoms

  • Slight rash as skin rebalances

  • Perspiration – another way that the body excretes waste

  • Conditions which have been suppressed may flare up temporarily before they heal

  • Deep sleep or difficulty sleeping and vivid dreams

These reactions are only temporary and should clear within 24 – 48 hours. They are positive signals that your body has responded to the session and is balancing itself.








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