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The Equine Touch™

‘The Equine Touch™ is a non-diagnostic, non-invasive, hands-on system of bodywork addressing the whole horse with an organised series of unique, gentle, vibrational moves over soft tissue’

These procedures encourage the body to ‘re-balance’ from the cellular level encouraging the horse towards achieving a better state of homeostasis where the function and structure of the body can be better maintained.

The gentle procedures performed over the soft tissues of the body create a vibration which travels through the fascia of the muscle and beyond. This fascia covers every muscle, organ, blood vessel and nerve. It is continuous, so a vibration on the surface of the body can pass through the fascia to other parts.

Equine Touch improves circulation and lymphatic drainage and helps to remove toxins and excess lactic acid held in the body, so relieving tightness and pain which limits freedom of movement. This enhances performance and well being of the horse.

Equine Touch can help with:

  • muscular tension and stiffness releasing muscle spasms and pain.

  • the recovery from injury and illness.

  • inducing deep relaxation and reducing the pain spiral.

  • reducing emotional stress and its effects on the body and the behaviour of the horse.

  • balancing the nervous system and improving the immune system.

Equine Touch is suitable for every horse, young or old. It can be used for performance horses such as eventers or endurance horses, or for youngsters, brood mares or for retired horses. It can be used to help with the recovery from injury or imbalance or can be used as part of the maintenance program for any horse from top competition horses, happy hackers to retired ponies. The equivalent bodywork in humans (VHT) can help balance the rider, further helping the partnership of horse and rider.

Each session consists of a series of moves performed over specific points of the body in predetermined patterns, which are interspersed with observation periods to enable the horse to recognise and process the effects of the work. Equine Touch is compatible with acupuncture, homeopathy, Bach flower Remedies, stretching, Craniosacral as well as osteopathic, chiropractic and physiotherapy.

Equine Touch is not a therapy or a treatment. As an Equine Touch Practitioner I cannot and will not diagnose. Equine Touch enables and trains horses to re-balance their bodies and this can inspire remedial and therapeutic changes as their own healing ability increases.
The Equine Touch is not designed or intended in any way in whole or part to be a substitute for orthodox allopathic veterinary practice. 
If in doubt, contact your vet

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