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For the Rider...

  • Are you finding that your recovery rate from riding stiffness is taking longer?

  • Is it the horse that is having difficulty trying to establish the correct canter lead or is it you?

  • Do you feel twisted in the saddle or suffer from sciatic pain after you have ridden?

  • Is your instructor continually telling you to put more weight into your left seat bone?

These are just a few signs that your body is not in balance and some of the common complaints that I hear from my clients. Whilst we as horse owners are quick to try and get help when we know something is not quite right with our horse, we are often slow to acknowledge that we are the ones that need fixing and if left too late our body finally tells us that it simply has to rest by giving us no choice.

VHT - Vibromuscular Harmonisation Technique is a gentle non-invasive, non-diagnostic hands on discipline. The moves are gentle and performed in a prescribed pattern irrespective of the client's complaint.

Simply put, I work on the whole body as opposed to just the bit that

you think is the problem, therefore I can address the compensatory

problems and niggles before they become something more troublesome.

For example that tense feeling you get in your back and neck, or that stiffness and cramping you get in your shoulders , leg or arm - VHT can help. It can also help with lymphatic drainage, digestive issues, and can help with your posture and anxiety or emotional issues. 


Even better VHT can be carried out over loose clothing either in the comfort of your own home or at the stable yard and I offer discount packages for horse and rider sessions.


VHT is so much different to massage as each move is vibratory and in three parts, thus the body is able to tune into it more effectively.


VHT is the key which, allows the body to reset itself by opening the door to the inbuilt healing that exists within us all. 







































































































































































































































































It is important to have balance in both horse and rider. We already know that the horse mirrors the rider and often when the rider is out of balance this can affect the movement of the horse. So ask yourself these questions:

  • Is an old injury affecting your riding or day to day living?

  • Does your back, neck or shoulders ache after mucking out, poo picking or spending 30 minutes in the school or out on a hack?

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