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Equine Touch/VHT/Canine Touch - Official Sites:

To find out more about The Equine Touch, visit

To find out more about VHT, the human form of bodywork, visit

For doggy lovers, visit the Canine Touch site

Other Useful Contacts and recommendations:

Seriously Tacky - More than just a Tack Shop - Based in Chesham: 

Saddle Fitting


Hannah Griffiths - WestHerts/ Bucks / Oxen / Surrey 

Emma Steels - EastHerts/Bucks/Beds/Up to the M11


Rider Coaching / Rehabilitation 

Hannah Griffiths - RWYM Rider Biomechanics - Chesham

Bach Flower Essences 

Crystal Herbsoffer a wonderful range of Bach Flower Remedies, Flower Essences and Gem & Crystal Essences for personal & spiritual growth that are safe to use on animals as well as humans

The Sound Sanctum - A safe space in which to open your heart and discover your soul journey. A Sound Bath is to be fully surrounded and immersed in Vibrational Sound that resonates through all the cells in the body and takes you on a beautiful relaxing journey of self discovery. 

The Canine Conditioning Academy - offers a range of courses in total conditioning and fitness for dogs. The unique programme’s are designed to develop canine strength from the inside out. Foundation Conditioning is the key to a fit, healthy, flexible, balanced dog helping them to get the best out of life and reach their full athletic potential is what every they do.

Canine Arthritis Management - Useful informative site that gives a wide range of information on arthritic conditions and how you can help to manage them.

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