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"I am a 64 year old female living with MS since 1995, so my issues are multiple and varied. Sue has worked on me on many occasions. Each time brings definite release to the areas most bothering me at that particular time. It amazes me how gentle non-invasive movements of the connective tissue between skin and muscle all over the body can bring me relief. My body tends to tighten up in certain areas and be very weak in others; the VHT wakes up my body’s inner workings to start bringing itself back into natural balance. Balance for my body means less pain, more relaxed movement so it is easier for me to complete daily living tasks.

Sue is professional, respectful and has a super couch side manner. I highly recommend Sue & VHT.

I feel safe in her hands and so grateful for the relief I feel after each session. Thank you is just not enough, Sue"  Annette, Chesham 


"VHT? I had never heard of it but as I had a chance to experience why not! I am open minded and will try most things once and if it helps, bonus. Sue Falber is great at putting you at ease and as I lay and sat there, participating with the odd eye movement on request, the whole process seemed so random and very different to anything I had experienced before; I wasn’t too sure of what benefits I could expect, however Sue is easy going and great company to be in so at least mentally I would be coming out of it in a positive frame of mind.

At the end of the session I sat up then stood up and the only way I can describe the results is that I didn’t realise how broken I must have been as I didn’t feel off kilter anymore, my pelvis suddenly sitting straight allowing my legs to be the same length reducing the effort to walk and my body felt in balance a major plus when your equilibrium challenges your perception of what is level and balanced.


My body has reaped the benefits of my open mindedness and the practise of VHT and I have continued to see Sue Falber and always look forward to her sessions and the results of her work."  Rowan, Aylesbury



"I was experiencing hamstring and ankle pain when running and Sue was recommended as she had achieved successful results on my girlfriend’s lame horse. After the first session which found my hips to be unlevel, I felt taller, relaxed and level after the second session I no longer felt any tension in my hamstrings or ankle which had caused the original pain - I have also slept really well since having VHT as well! "   John, Milton Keynes



"I used to suffer from chronic back pain which would leave me exhausted and depressed. I did not want to go down the controlled drug route and so contacted Sue who saw me for six sessions over a two month period. After the first session I managed to sleep for a whole day and I couldn't believe how slowly my body started to feel normal again . Not only had my back pain gone but other problems such as hot flushes, sugar cravings, mood swings, headaches and knee pain have also vanished. I still see Sue every six weeks just to get re-balanced as VHT is amazing!' Kelly, Eaton Bray 



"I am so pleased to have met you as I was so unsure about the predicament I was suffering with my shoulder and I didn't crave the NHS injection. I was thrilled with the great improvement in my shoulder following my first session of  VHT. Thank you Sue as you did a great job."  Jill, Meppershall

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