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Vibromuscular Harmonization Technique (VHT)™

VHT is an holistic, non-diagnostic discipline, consisting of a series of vibrational moves over muscle or connective tissue (fascia), addressing the whole body from head to toe, irrespective of the client’s stated physical complaints and without the need to remove clothing. It works on the principle of confusion wherein the body is taken into a state of relaxation and confusion at the same time, by the predetermined pattern of non-invasive vibrational moves over specific points on the musculoskeletal structure. Upon completion of the session, the body is allowed to rest and process procedures while quintessentially obeying the law ‘Out of chaos and confusion comes peace, calm, order and balance.’ In other words ‘Homeostasis’ is attained. 

As a non-diagnostic system, which is applied to a client holistically, irrespective of any complaint, VHT should not be looked upon as a therapy, but rather a gift to the client which will not only present that client with a blueprint of natural balance, but assistance in achieving it. The practitioner, in essence then becomes a ‘coach’ to the innate healing system. 

VHT compliments other types of bodywork such as Reiki, Craniosacral, Shiatsu or reflexology however it does not work well with massage and is quite different in that the two forms of bodywork operate on different principles of address. VHT works on awareness and the message from the move is precise and singular, utilising three specific parts in a set sequence, the message must be recognised and processed. Massage can destroy and confuse the simple VHT message due to the stimulation of many receptors at the same time.

Although worldwide results have been both profound and radical, VHT contravenes normal allopathic explanation. With this perspective in mind, it can be argued that VHT is an intermediary between energy work and bodywork - both a muscle and an energy release discipline. 

Approximately 80% of all clients have experienced a successful result after 2 or 3 VHT sessions. Success being defined as going from total relief of the symptom to at least a dramatic reduction of the symptom and, and improvement in the functional range of motion.


VHT: all you really need to know

  • It is a body balancing modality, which assists the body in achieving homeostasis which is the ideal situation for self-address wherein the body may positively look upon any unwanted trauma, structure or disease with a view to correcting it.

  • It is a postural integration modality in that after a session many clients notice the positive change in their posture.

  • It is a myofascial release modality in that the moves are carried out over fascial meridian chains of the body.

  • It is also a trigger point release modality in that work is done over specific trigger points releasing the trauma in them although that is not the intent.

"Listen to your body when it whispers, then you will not have to hear it when it screams!" Anon

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