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Historical Background 

Vibromuscular Harmonization Technique™ (VHT) is a relatively new modality, inspired by Tom Bowen, and partially based upon the principles of bodywork as pioneered by Dub Leigh, and Lauren Berry.  Jock discovered that by vibrating the muscles in a certain sequence and at specific points in the body using his own Aikido based move, the entire body could be induced to slip into a state of medical chaotic confusion and at the same time, relaxation. The syndrome is something similar to an entire orchestra tuning up prior to a concert and then settling down as an in tune symphonia. Out of this cellular and holistic confusion and what is now termed as medical chaos, order emerges and within the body homeostasis is attained. After considerable studying and fine-tuning of this new approach, Jock decided to name it The Vibromuscular Harmonization Technique (VHT). 

Jock a self taught intuitive body worker with over 40 years experience studied Bowen, Aikido, Isogai, Dynamic Ki, Hyperton-X and Kahuna systems of bodywork, and was also a qualified and registered clinical hypnotherapist. 


In 1997 The Equine Touch™ was discovered by Jock after one of his students asked him to try his VHT™ move and patterns on a horse in Aberdeen, Scotland. The results were such that he was asked back the following week to work once again on that horse. On arrival at the stables he found ten horses waiting to be attended to. 

A year later, whilst in the Czech Republic, he was invited to work on the champion steeplechaser 'Cipisek'. Once again the results were so astounding that the head of surgery at the Czech Veterinary University invited Jock to return and teach his as yet unnamed horse bodywork system to vets from all over Europe and so The Equine Touch™ was born.


In 1999 Jock was joined in the teaching by his wife Dr Ivana Ruddock, a veterinary surgeon and former lecturer in anatomy and physiology from the Czech Republic. A certified clinical researcher in immunity systems, Ivana remains a prolific researcher in all types of bodywork, from the clinical, fascial and neurological point of view, thus supplying the student the academic questions and an insight into the workings of the modality from an allopathic/theoretical paradigm.


Together they are the Founders and Principles of The

Equine Touch Foundation Inc. which includes in its

products not only the discipline of the Vibromuscular

Harmonization Technique™ but also Equine Touch™ 

and Canine Touch™ which are the animal modalities that

have evolved from VHT™ and are taught and practiced by

licensed Instructors and Practitioners in the UK and around

the world.

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