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"Horses don't want to be talked out of their feelings...."

Part of Equine Touch is actually taking the time to stop, notice, feel and listen to the horse. This I find not only applies to myself as the Bodyworker Practitioner but also to the owner.

As Winter approaches we may spend less and less time actually being with our horses and more time rushing to get things done due to the fading light, the inclement weather, the demands of work and family. As one of my friends constantly reminds me we are human beings not human doings !

Focus over the last 18 months has been more and more on people's wellbeing and mental health, suggestions to help calm the mind and alleviate stress have involved suggestions such as mindfulness or meditation - the number of people I have spoken to who have said they simply don't have time or couldn't possibly find 10 - 15 or 20 minutes peaceful quiet in their lives really is quite worrying. Or there are those who simply feel it is for kaftan hippies from the 60's - well please read on…

Over the last few months and after some real breakthroughs with some very broken, abused and newly acquired clients and their horses it would appear that Equine Touch is really and truly not just helping the horses but also the owners as well. Spending the time watching how your horse responds to the gentle sequence of moves applied during a session can be extremely enlightening, relaxing and thought provoking providing you can just stand back, switch your phone off, spend time with your horse or pony and just listen to what they have to say.

Too often we are quick to speak for our horses or ponies : 'He's being lazy' 'She's being a moody mare again!' 'He's being grumpy' when we should be taking time to stand back and observe the behaviour without judgement and ask why are they being 'lazy', 'moody', 'grumpy?' What is it we as owners are doing wrong to cause this behaviour? Could it be that our horse is actually feeling discomfort and is trying to tell us but we are not listening - too wrapped up in the busyness of it all ?

Equine Touch as a whole horse holistic modality will highlight any areas of tension, pain and discomfort and assist in helping the body rebalance and whilst not diagnostic in its approach it can give you a greater insight into what is going on with your horse. Taking the time to let them know they are 'being seen, being heard, feeling felt, and getting, gotten,' will do wonders for your relationship and observing the subtle signs of processing and watching your horse or pony just relax and let go of tension, stress and excess emotional baggage once they realise that you really are listening will actually help you to let go of yours - It is a form of Equine Mindfulness in itself.

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